• Amigramma

    This game is all about letters and words. You have to solve anagrammas and gain letters which helps to progress your road to Wisery.

    actual screenshot


    • Multiple languages
    • Large wordlists
    • Several mini games

    This is a work in progress title. Incomplete in every aspects.

  • actual screenshot Gameplay

    In the beginning you found yourself on the start of a spiral road. That way leads to Wisery the home of wisdom.

    To progress on the road, you have to use letters which you can gain by solving anagrammas. First you can select from five letter packs. Each of them forms a word with seven letters, but you have to find all of the anagrammas of that word to gain the letters.

    As you progress on the road, you reach different obstacles. You can pass an obstacle by solve a linguistic puzzle.

  • Here you can download this software for your choice of platform. At least you can see the platforms which could be done by me. If a platform icon has no link, then you should spur me smehow to done that. There is several things that can motivate me: mail, donation, help. :-)

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