• FontWalker

    Searching for a specific font is usually an inconvinient task. Even worse if the files to be look for are in separate drawers. FontWalker has a mission to make life easier for the DTP worker.

    actual screenshot
    Fontwalker has the following features:
    • Collects TTF font files recursively
    • Display sample text
    • Load and save font collection
    • Fast navigation on fonts by mouse or keyboard
    • Store manual style selection by drag&drop

    The program is freely downloadable for Amiga systems. There are lots of ideas to improve this little program, and maybe sometime it will grow up to a full featured font catalogizer software. Until then your ideas are welcome!

  • Overview:

    Collects all TTF font files recursively on the selected path.
    Display sample text with the selected font.
    User can assign one of the predefined font styles to each fonts.
    Load and save font collection list.


    - Select a drawer or volume to look for TTF fonts.
    - Select an item to display a font sample.
    - Drag and drop the sample to one of the style container.
    - Use the menu! It always be with you.

    1.1 changes:

    - Text size slider
    - User definable colors
    - Antialias
    - Style filter
    - Save image preview
    - Display previews in the listview
    - Remove identical entries
    - Listview has a context menu (RMB)

    It made with Hollywood 7.0 on an OS4 equipped Pegasos2.
    Youtube teaser
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  • Credits

    Idea, code by Lazi.