• Jupiter Lander remake

    This is the first Amiga game for years that created by Commodore. While it is very promising, the truth is that it is an almost pixel exact replica of Jupiter Lander of C64 released by Commodore in 1982.

    Let me paying my respect with this release to the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, which was in 20 of july 1969.


    • Pixel exact gfx, movement
    • Separated version with enhancements
    • Several platforms supported
    • Touchscreen control

    Look around get your free copy and fly back to the birth of the modern entertainment industry.

  • actual screenshot Screenmode

    The game using the resolution 320x200 which was the normal C64 display size inside the borders. In modern displays it may looks like very tiny for such stressing action, however we display it scaled to full screen.
    I'd like to note that 320x200 resolution is seems to be obsolete, however it is very modern at the same time because its dimension is exatly 16:10. :)

    Controlling note

    The F1 key on the C64 keyboard layout let the user to comfortably give thrust to its lander, but the current keyboards has misplaced function keys ;) To adapt the game to these new devices you can alternatively use the cursor keys. You can even control the lander with left mouse clicking on the left, right, and lower part of the display. This is how does it work on touchscreen too.

    ESC - exit Amiga + Enter - swith between full screen and windowed mode F5 - enable pointer (useful in windowed mode) F6 - hide pointer I hope you will enjoy landing on the core of Jupiter. Finally the good news: A sequel to Jupiter Lander is on the works, so be tuned!

    First released on: 25 of july 2009

  • Here you can download this software for your choice of platform. At least you can see the platforms which could be done by me. If a platform icon has no link, then you should spur me smehow to done that. There is several things that can motivate me: mail, donation, help. :-)

  • Screenshots

  • Credits

    Code, gfx and audio ripping and unoriginal design by Lazi. Created on a Pegasos2 PPC based computer running Amiga OS4.

    Additional Credits

    This remake is based on the original C64 release of Jupiter Lander dveloped by HAL Laboratory.

    The gfx is ripped by the help of the freat VICE emulator, the sound is from the gameplay video found on YouTube.
    The additional boom sound effect is from freesound.org

    The intro is a modified version of the Cracktro:Moonstone Hollywood example. It is remade in Hollywood by Mr.X of Barracuda.

    The original Amiga 68k assembly cracktro's credits are:

    • ..intro incredible by melon dezign..
    • Code by.....................Paleface
    • Font/design by..................Seen
    • Music by..............TDK of Anthrox