• MailSender

    MailSender was created to minimizes the effort needed to send files or images by email. It can convert image files to JPG format, resize images on-the-fly and optionally pack them to zip archive or create a pdf document before mail sending.

    actual screenshot
    MailSender has the following features:
    • Simple GUI
    • Minimal user input
    • Automatic file conversions
    • Minimalize email size
    • ZIP archive creation
    • PDF document creation
    • Flexible options

    The program is freely downloadable for several platforms. Only the Windows version has some restrictions which can be unlocked by registering on demand!

  • actual screenshot

    To convert many image files to JPG format from various sources and attach them to an email with encryption and password-protection needs too many left mouse clicks. MailSender was created which minimizes the effort needed to send images to customers.

    The user does:
    • drop files or drawers to the program window
    • enter an optional password
    • enter an email address
    MailSender does:
    • collect files resize / convert according to settings
    • create one of the following attachment type containing all files:
      • simple file attachment
      • zip compressed attachment
      • pdf document generated one picture file per page
    • encrypt attachment according to settings
    • compose the mail with subject and body according to settings
    • send mail via SMTP or SMTPS protocol according to settings
  • Select the platform where you would like to use the program. Each platform could be one of the following download states: normal - download is available, lock - currently not downloadable, no entry sign - that platform is not supported by this project.

  • Screenshots

  • Credits

    Design, code: Lazi

    Icon image, main window image: AmiDream (Stability AI)

    Donations are welcome!