• Snake Fever

    In the game you control a snake what is constantly shortening. There are randomly placed food packs which grows the snake's length. So the aim is to consume much and consume fast, because there are other players facing with the same problem..

    actual screenshot


    • Adapt to any screen size
    • No limit on the number of players
    • Support several control modes
    • AI players

    This is a work in progress title. It needs graphical enhancements, network support, and a good idea for touchscreen control.

  • actual screenshot Background

    It started to a testbed for networking multiplayer inspired by a C64 game Snacks 4 Snakes.

    After the initial multiplayer game core is finished, the networking part would need to follow. But after a few days suffering from fever (here is what the title comes from) somehow the other parts of the game started to evolving.

    It is shaped to a playable version which is presented at the Amicon party on march 2013.

    About the current state

    The game screen is adapting to the Workbench screen resolution with fixed tiles on the game area. This means that bigger resolution makes larger game area and smaller snakes. Networked multiplayer hasn't been added yet, however several players can already play on one machine simultaneously. The menu automatically add players to each joypads, two players to the keyboard and one for the mouse. There is the possibility to add several AI players too. You can see it is really designed to be a party game with lots of players. The game time is splitted to courses which has different enviromental parameters. This brings diversity to each game.

  • Here you can download this software for your choice of platform. At least you can see the platforms which could be done by me. If a platform icon has no link, then you should spur me smehow to done that. There is several things that can motivate me: mail, donation, help. :-)

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