• TransLocale

    The main goal of TransLocale is the aid of localizing scripts written for the Hollywood interpreter.

    actual screenshot
    The two ways of creating a multi-language program:
    • Different executables per language
    • One executable, different language files
    TransLocale helps to maintain both type of translations and automatically generates localized programs from source files.

    Localization means that the text strings in the program are changed to translated ones, so the program can communicate in the users preferred language.

  • Translating a program can be a lot of work even if it is designed for multi language from the start. Manintaining the translation is another tough job for new versions of source code.

    TransLocale overview:

    Takes a Hollywood script.
    Recognizes text strings.
    Processes XML parts for MUIRoyale, RapaGUI.
    Generates catalog files.

    Future ideas:

    - automatically handle @includes
    - translation database
    - automatic translation
    - recognize and exclude file names
    - Text size slider

    This is a password protected evaluation version. The current password is on the readme file and will expire on new releases or by time. The password checking is done by accessing online, so without internet, there is no luck running this program.
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  • Credits

    Idea, code by Lazi.