• Map Explorer

    Educational game which teaches locating countries in the world. A sci-fi background story tries to make it more fun.

    actual screenshot
    The player can navigate all over the world to complete missions which requires basic cartography skills.

    This is a work in progress title. Incomplete in every aspects.

  • actual screenshot Source

    Unfortunately the latest source is lost in a hdd accident which stopped developent. It could be continue to work on a previous backup if motivation comes back.

  • Here you can download this software for your choice of platform. At least you can see the platforms which could be done by me. If a platform icon has no link, then you should spur me smehow to done that. There is several things that can motivate me: mail, donation, help. :-)

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  • Credits

    Temporarily it is using cockpit gfx from the game Perihelion.